You Don’t Have To Replace The Blind When The Cord Breaks

It isn’t something that you think about until something goes wrong. But the cords on blinds really take a beating. When it is brought to your notice, you realize that they have been used pretty hard. But don’t despair, if the cord on a blind gets broken, you don’t have to replace the entire blind.

You can get replacement cords for blinds las vegas. Cords come in all of the colors that blinds do and in the weights of cord too.

If you have had blinds hung for a while, you’ll be surprised how their color has changed. Being able to replace the cords is a real help because if your blinds have been bleached by the sun, replacing the one that’s broken will not be enough. You will have one noticeably newer blind from all of the rest.

Replacing blind cords is quite the job, so be sure to only take it on when you have time and the right tools too. Fixing a Roman Blind or a simple blind is quite straightforward. But when it comes to restringing a Venetian Blind you really need to know what you are doing. There’s a plethora of how to instruction sets and videos online, but even so, if you fix one you have done something to be proud of.

replacement cords for blinds las vegas

There are of course people who will repair a blind for you

If the words ‘Take a screwdriver and press the pawl down in the track’ scare you (please, they are pretty scary words, most of us have to look up pawl.). Then maybe it would be better to consider having someone who knows what they are doing take a look. Repairs will not cost as much as a new one.