Why is My Commercial Refrigerator Leaking?

If the refrigerator at your home begins to leak, it is a cause for concern that shouldn’t be ignored. There are numerous causes of leaking refrigerators, all of which pose threat to the functionality of your business and the life expectancy of your unit. It is imperative to phone a professional for refrigerator repairs boynton beach fl at the first sign of trouble. Ignoring problems with the refrigerator will only make things worse. The problem will not repair itself! There are many causes of leaks, but most are easy to repair.

If the water filter used inside the fridge is improperly installed, a leak could be the result. Many people find that improperly installed water filters cause the brunt of their trouble. Luckily the problem is an easy fix if this is the culprit of the leak. This can also be the scenario if the wrong filter is used in the unit. The first step in leak discovery is looking at the filter to find out if water is leaking through holes in the filter. Check the filter before you go out to buy another one.

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Issues with the drain pan can also cause a leak if it is cracked or has holes in it. When these problems occur, water can easily leak out. If there is a large amount of water pooling from the refrigerator, then you probably need to replace the drain pan. Your drain line could cause trouble if it needs to be defrosted. In fact, this is another one of the most common causes of refrigerator leaks!  If there is blockage caused by food, ice, or even crumbs or other particles will cause water to build up and without a proper place to drain, the water has nowhere to go but to the floor.

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