Enough Veneer On Particle Board

There’s a place for flat packed furniture. There’s a time in your life when you need a desk or a bookcase immediately. It needs to be inexpensive because you don’t have much to spend, and you cope with the idea that it has a shelf life and you can’t move it about too much, because it will fall apart.

But later on…

Then there comes a time a little later on when you graduate to something more special. Something that gives you pleasure rather than being utilitarian. Something you might even hand on as an heirloom – now, there’s a thought! Homemade furniture jackson ms is for this sort of customer.

Custom furniture

Homemade furniture jackson ms

Having furniture made for you, or purchasing a piece that has been handmade is a different experience. You get to see what wood can look like when it has been properly worked and built into a thing of beauty.

The internal grain of the wood will shine through. You get to see the patterns the rings create. The natural colors of the wood break through even though the wood will have been finished with a varnish to protect it and highlights it.

Next, the way in which the piece is finished is completely different. The way a craftsman connects two pieces of wood is not by metal screws but by shaping one piece to be the other’s opposite. The two then fit together as if they were made for each other – which in a sense they have been.


This will be a big difference immediately. You will know you have the real thing in your hand the minute you pick it up. It will feel complete and solid in your hand. And you will feel a sense of security each time you walk past it.

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